Draymond Green: A discussion into a media drama queen.

Draymond Green, 3 x NBA Champion, 3 x All-Star, 1 x Defensive Player of the Year and 1 x highly strung individual has made headlines again for a verbal altercation with teammate, Kevin Durant. It would appear that some choice words were said by both parties after Green attempted to dribble up the court for a buzzer beater shot only to turnover the ball before shooting in the final seconds of regulations against the Los Angeles Clippers on the 12/11/18. The Golden State Warriors would go on to lose said game in overtime and tensions flared in the aftermath of the game with Green calling out Durant on his upcoming free agency. Below we’ll explain why Draymond is starting to get more and more of a reputation for his antics.


We’ll begin with the most current situation being the most recent game. Green has lashed out against Durant for his instance on taking the games last second shot. In Durant’s defence, he had scored 33 points and was shooting 41.7% from the field and 50% from 3. Green on the other hand was shooting 3 of 9 for the game and had only 6 points for the day. Who should have taken the last second shot for a game is always debated but in this case we feel that Green may not have been the ideal candidate in this scenario. What has followed has an indictment on the otherwise stoic and close-knit GSW team. To start with, this internal affair has become a media storm with it publicly being stated that Green will be suspended for tonight’s game against the Atlanta Hawks without pay. The speculation at the moment is that Green called out Durant on his free agency as well as many other choice words. For any lip readers at home, Green can be seen saying “it’s not my fault.. He’s a b**ch, he’s a b**ch” to Demarcus Cousins. This took place directly after the events during a team huddle on the bench. This is the only public display that took place with the drama that followed taking place in the locker room. This of course has instigated lots of talk of a rift between stars and the beginning of the end of Durant’s time with the team. We don’t think that this event will be the sole cause of Durant’s departure during free agency if he leaves at all and is rather a mark against Green’s history rather than Durant’s. This article is not to discuss Durant’s free agency (which we will most likely cover in a future article) but rather to assess Green’s habit for the dramatic.


Unfortunately for Draymond, this adds to a trend that he likes to create drama and has no problem speaking his mind. One recalls the ‘debate’ between Green and Cleveland Cavaliers Center, Tristan Thompson. Thompson and Green got into a heated argument when Green decided to not shake Thompson’s hand after the 2017/18 NBA finals. He also felt it necessary to advise Thompson that “we are not cut the same”. To say this to a fellow competitor when they have just tried to shake your hand is something that is essentially a slap in the face. This resulted in Thompson punching Green at a later point in time. Some would say he deserved it while others will say Thompson took it too far. We are on neither point but do think that an attack being provoked or unprovoked is not the way to carry yourself. It does attest to Green’s reputation of being basically a drama queen and instigating drama on and off the court.


One can also recall any of the countless times Draymond has let a referee know his true feelings about a call. He is often seen abusing referees and yelling in what can be described as an aggressive way. It seems that if any player not name Draymond does anything similar to this, they are slapped with a technical. How Draymond gets away with this act? People just attribute it to just being how Draymond is and that the referees should just wave it off. This is absolutely unfair and no way should a professional athlete act. Just because you have a reputation for yelling and screaming does not excuse the act and a precedent should be set for the league to show this in unacceptable. All these events do is further Green’s diminishing reputation in the league and add to his long list of incidents that show he is often the centre of drama for his team. The Warriors are often considered above the drama unfolding in the league but whenever there is a smudge on the Warriors clean history, it can be often attributed to Green’s actions be it on or off the court.


These are just some examples of what Green does but unfortunately these are not the only ones. If someone uses a search engine with the phrase ‘Draymond Green controversy’, the list goes beyond the examples that we have decided upon. Going forward, this creates a lot of issues for both Green and the Warriors. Can the Warriors keep having Green’s antics deterring teammates from signing new contracts? Or will it be they chose their “spiritual leader” every time? Green may lead the team in terms of being the most vocal but there may come a time where that is not enough.


Draymond as a player is fantastic. He leads his team on the defensive end and provides vocal leadership and support for his team. He gets it done on all facets of the game and is a key part of their success. It is a sad thought that a player who will most likely end up a 1st ballot Hall of Fame nominee, will have some smudges on their NBA resume due to antics that have been described above. What the next few weeks hold for both the Warriors and Green will be scrutinized heavily, there is little doubt about that. Whichever side of the argument you agree with, there is little debate as to whenever there is drama on the Warriors, it seems to circle back to Draymond.


Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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